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Jared Hucke’s 2015-2016 Con Schedule (UPDATED 8/2!)

Updated convention info! So far Jared’s only canceled one appearance because of filming for The 100. Hopefully he’ll be at all the rest!

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i probably won’t draw any more of him, i just wanted to play with those fucking eyes

i probably won’t draw any more of him, i just wanted to play with those fucking eyes

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look you guys i really love netflix and i really love jared hucke so i’ve compiled a list of every yucke movie/tv show you can watch on netflix (us). i also did this because i’m crazy and have too much time on my hands and might do this for more of my favorite actors  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  here we go!!!

  • the 100 - season 1 (and eventually season 2 goddammit) - delinquent space teens get sent to a post-apocalyptic earth to test its inhabitability and SHIT. GOES. DOWN. based on a ya series that’s 1000x inferior to the show.
  • continuum - seasons 1-3 - a cop accidentally time travels to 2012 from the year 2077 and tries to stop a violent rebel group from fucking up the future. features a badass female lead. jared won a leo award for a s1 episode!!!
  • stage fright - really weird and campy horror-comedy-musical about a killer terrorizing a musical theater camp. stars a super random cast including minnie driver, meatloaf, and the infamous rick from degrassi.
  • the walking dead - season 4, episode 1 - do i really have to explain the walking dead?????
  • the killing - season 2 - crime drama based on danish series forbrydelsen. the first two seasons follow the mysterious murder of a teenage girl. features jared in several ridiculous fake tattoos.
  • life unexpected - season 2 - cw drama series about a teenage girl who spent her life in foster care and finds her birth parents while trying to get emancipated. i didn’t actually care for this t b h but different strokes, amirite?
  • r.l. stine’s the haunting hour - season 1, episode 5 & season 2, episode 11 - horror-fantasy series based on some r.l. stine works. it’s an anthology series so you can just jump right into watching basically any episode you want. jared won a leo award for s1e5!!!
  • far from home: the adventures of yellow dog - adventure film in which jesse bradford and a cute yellow lab retriever get stranded on the bc coast and have to survive the wilderness. featuring fetus jared in his first film role ever!!!!!
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what's the best place for new season 3 info? i'm dying here waiting for midseason!!!

Follow as much of the cast and crew on Twitter and Instagram as you can! It seems like they’re trying very hard to keep S3 details under wraps, but some of them have been posting little revealing things, like who they’re filming with and if stunts are involved. YVRShoots is also a great resource if you’re interested in seeing what locations they’re filming at.

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huckefinn: Am I getting this bloody again for S3? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe this is just what I look like in my everyday life. #fakebloodfetish

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farewell degrassi tng meme [1/10 favorite pairings]: JT & Liberty

“Alright, well, It’s very tasty. But you get tired of it. Oatmeal? It’s always been there for you. You can depend it … It’s not stupid. You can’t fight how you feel. Go out there and find her.”

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